Ricci 2 Catholic Junior High School Holds Mental Health Seminar


Ricci 2 Catholic Junior High School is very concerned about the mental health of all students. This form of concern was shown by holding a mental health seminar entitled "Stop Insecure, More Self Love". The seminar was held on two different dates with different participants and viewers as well. The first seminar was held on 25 May 2023 where participants were class VIII and class IX students. The first seminar was hosted by Mrs. Prahastia K. Putri M. Psi, psychologist. Meanwhile, the second seminar was held on May 31, 2023 for class VII students hosted by Mrs. Yenni M. Psi, Psychologist. This seminar activity was held as a cooperation between Ricci 2 Catholic Junior High School and Pilih Jurusan, one of the online platforms of mental health consulting service providers.

This kind of seminar is very useful and very important to be held with the target of youth participants. Teenagers today are very vulnerable to being victims as well as bullying perpetrators. In addition, they are also vulnerable to mental illness due to lack of attention from parents and school authorities. Ricci 2 Catholic Junior High School, which has since become a friendly school, is trying to prevent bullying from entering the school area and also trying to maintain the mental health of all students. Ms. Yenni, one of the viewers stated that stopping bullying and starting to build a love for yourself is a form of great appreciation for yourself and others. Avoiding bullying means that we also begin to build a sense of peace and security for others.

This seminar is very in line with the Ricci School character who emphasizes the respect aspect as one of the main character points. By being a more responsive person, Ricci's men entire personality will be easier to respect others as well as yourself. Respect will also bring all Ricci's men to a point of peace and tranquility.