Learn to Deepen Your English by Taking A Native Speaker Class at Ricci School


Native speaker is a term used to describe frequently or terming someone who has spoken a particular language since they were born as a baby and communicate in that language daily. A lot of people misinterpret a native speaker as someone proficient in speaking a particular language. It is not wrong to say that the person is good at using that language, but it is still not quite right for the true meaning. The meaning of a native speaker is sometimes different depending on the context that is being used.
The basic meaning of a native speaker is someone who speaks a particular language as their mother tongue. Many people misinterpret a native speaker as only for English speaker. Besides, every language has it is own native speakers.
Ricci School has a native speaker class for English in Elementary and Junior High School. The teacher also has a foreign nationality status (Foreign Citizen) whose mother tongue is English and communicates in English daily. Classes have always been held attractively and comfortably with the aim that children do not feel pressured during the teaching and learning process and can enjoy the class anytime. The teaching class is always concerned with the meaning of RICCI, such as there is always respect between students and teachers, high integrity held by both students and teachers, there is a concern to teaching more deeply to students that are still not understanding the learning materials, there are group assignments formed that supposed to make students get to know and deepen friendship with classmates, and always stimulate student initiative through learning made with a little game.
The native speaker class is supposed to be a race track for students and the Ricci School in building innovation and motivation to learn a foreign culture. According to the example of the Patron of the Ricci School, Pastor Matteo Ricci SJ, came from Italy but was able to have a good grip on the Chinese language in 3 months.